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Montessori School of Manhattan

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Protection Design

Montessori School, 2 Gold Street

The Montessori School of Manhattan has 10 classrooms, 4 offices, 2 pantries, an art room, and an exercise room (left). Classroom sinks (center) have self-contained ejector pumps for better drainage. Right: Ductwork, lighting, and a sprinkler system were part of Rand’s design for the school’s build-out.


Two-floor, 7,300-square-foot preschool for 170 students at 2 Gold Street in Lower Manhattan.

Project Overview:

Design of HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection systems for the build-out of the new preschool within a tight two-month timeframe.


RAND Engineering & Architecture, DPC
New York, NY


Lewis and Gould, New York, NY


Accord Contracting
$2,000,000 construction cost

Project Scope:
  • HVAC system regulates airflow
    based on space usage for more
    efficient air distribution, allowing
    for smaller equipment.
  • Horizontal air conditioning unit
    with separate condenser and
    evaporator sections.


Project Scope (cont.):
  • Customized ductwork
    incorporated into architect’s
    tiered-ceiling design.
  • New system ventilation uses
    in-line exhaust fans for bathrooms
    and pantries.

  • Designed circuit plan and
    associated panel schedules for
    wiring lighting circuits and
    receptacles on both floors.
  • Designed electrical room layout,
    including new circuit breaker
    panels and main disconnect
    switches tying into existing
    electrical distribution.
  • Power and signal wiring for
    individually coded fire alarm

  • Installed all branch line
    distribution piping for domestic
    water and sanitary drainage.
  • Hot water heaters in pantries
    supply all required hot water for
    both floors.
  • Drainage for perimeter classroom
    sinks, located away from system
    core, provided by dedicated self-
    contained ejector pumps.
  • New wet-type sprinkler system for
    fire protection.
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